Apple's App Store in numbers

The App Store celebrates its first birthday today, and while we have already given Apple a few tips on how they could improve it, you can't really kno

And while it may only have one number on its birthday cake this year, there's much more impressive numbers that make the App Store what it is today.

We've rounded up a few App Store stats for the fact fans below:

56,667 live apps are out there to download, as well as 4,005 apps that still show but can't be downloaded. Add that up, that's a total of 60,672 folks.

292 apps are submitted every day for approval, although the number that make it through is considerably less.

$145,885.87 is the amount it would cost you to download every app from the US App Store. That's an equivalent of £90,135.095, although not a direct comparison to the UK store.

$2.57 is the average cost of an app in the US App Store (£1.58).

18 of the Top 25 UK paid for apps were just 59p, making the average £1.04 per app in the top flight.

23rd April was the date the one billionth app was downloaded by 13-year-old Conor Mulcahey from Connecticut. He won an iPod touch, a Time Capsule, a MacBook Pro and a $10,000 iTunes gift card.