Apple WWDC 2013 – what to expect

Apple is once again dropping software fruits from its mighty Cupertino tree – here’s what to expect

Apple iWatch

The rumour mill is near breaking point thanks to the Apple iWatch. This wrist-dweller is almost definitely set to appear in 2013 and, with such a small 1.5in display, will almost certainly need a special version of iOS. And developers at WWDC will be the first to hear about it. Expect health focused sensors and apps, navigation developments and advanced Siri voice controls.

MacBook Air with Retina display

A refresh to the MacBook Air that’ll bring its screen up to par has been expected since the MacBook Pro Retina launched. Expect to see updated processors, more RAM, and potentially a touchscreen or gesture controls using the iSight camera. We’d hope for, but doubt we’ll see, an iPad Mini with Retina display too. Although this’ll almost certainly arrive at a launch event with the new iPad, before the year is out.

iOS 7

At last year’s WWDC we saw the first glimmer of iOS 6, and its new mapping service. The one that led to Scott Forstall being fired. So now with Johnny Ive at the helm of software design we expect iOS 7 to look more hardware-like – minimalist and functional. We also hope to be able to delete all apps – even stocks and calendar. And how about some nice contextual settings? So you can change options within an app without having to go out into settings and back. Perhaps we’ll even see live tile style buttons for information at a glance.

Mac OS X

As iOS becomes more powerful we can expect Mac OS X to become simpler – so they eventually meet naturally in the middle. Take note Windows – there's no need to rush. More widget style buttons, deep voice control integration, a dedicated gaming platform, greater efficiency for prolonged laptop battery and 4K compatibility will hopefully all make appearances.

Plastic iPhone

This budget iPhone is almost definitely incoming, so sayeth the rumour mill. It would be unusual for an iPhone to be announced at WWDC but now that iPhone is a brand, like MacBook or iPod, it may start to receive more subtle updates too. Expect iPhone 5 innards with a plastic shell that’ll bring the price down to a more wallet friendly £220.

Apple Television

While we don’t expect to see the Television hardware appear Apple will surely need to start developing the OS. Even if it’s just apps for a version of iOS or an updated Apple TV OS platform – which is a stripped down OS X. Either way expect a mention so you can continue pestering the bank for that second mortgage.

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