Apple is working on wireless charging for iPhone and iPad

If Samsung and Intel can do it, chances are Apple's already filed a patent for it – here's some iOS inductive charging plans

Chances are there's some gagdet lovers out there who would rather spend eternity untangling headphones than charge their smartphone wirelessly in Jay-Z's nightclub. But that doesn't mean we aren't fond of the wireless charging idea.

Apple seems to like it too. And when Apple likes something, it usually files a patent in celebration. Here we have a patent for an inductive charging system that has just been granted to Cupertino by the US Patent and Trademark Office and shows a dock that you could rest an iPhone or iPod Touch in to charge without an unsightly dock connector.

Will we see an iPhone 5 with wireless charging? Probably not, as the latest iPhone 5 'snaps' and renders show a new smaller dock connector that will be causing iAccessory manufacturers some trouble for now. But with iCloud, AirPlay and wire-free syncing Apple now just needs a wireless charging system to complete the futuristic iDevice set-up.

Inductive charging can work over a few metres with about a 50% efficiency rate right now and the US Army wants to aim for 50 foot ranges to wirelessly charge radios and GPS receivers. So before long, we'll hopefully be strolling into work to find our phones are charging themselves the minute we set foot through the door.

[via Patently Apple]

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