Is Apple working on carbon fibre MacBooks, iPads and iPhones?

Future Apple products could be clad in scratch-proof, lightweight carbon fibre shells

Carbon fibre is normally used in high end sports cars and favoured for its strength, durability and lightness. Now the boffins at Apple HQ appear to be forging this magic material into next-gen MacBook shells. The company has hired ex-Kestrel Bicycles carbon fibre frame supremo Kevin Kenney, suggesting we could soon see lighter, thinner, sleeker and altogether more badass looking laptops. We've seen rumours about the iPhone 5 having a metal bod already - but could it also get some carbon cladding? And will the material stretch to a non-scratch backplate for the iPad 3? We're pretty sure Kenney wasn't hired for his tea-making skills.

Via: 9to5Mac

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