Apple Watch: 11 things you need to know

10. The battery life is a mystery

Nice charger – but how often will you be using it?

Interestingly, Apple didn’t mention battery life once during its presentation, which suggests they might still be working to improve it. It’s probably not the best sign, to be honest, because if it was super-long they definitely would have bigged it up something rotten. We do know that it’ll charge wirelessly via a pretty nifty MagSafe cable, but will you have to use that cable once a week – or once a day? We just don't know.

11. It’s coming in early 2015

The real gold Apple Watch Edition

Availability remains almost as much of an enigma, but Apple says the Watch will be on sale from early next year starting at US$349 (£215). UK pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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