Apple updates white MacBook – but not for UK

Ever since Apple rejigged the MacBook last year, the low–end, yet heftily priced, white model has been left out in the cold, with specs that mak

The chaps at Cupertino though have today quietly rolled out an update of the entry level machine – but it looks as if us UK Apple lovers will need to wait. Only US punters can get involved at the moment, leaving us to front up a whacking £704 for old product.

The newly minted machines come with 2GB RAM, Bluetooth 2.1 and an NVIDIA graphic chip so it will play nice with Apple's next OS, Snow Leopard, due out later this year.

There's no word on when or even if we'll be getting involved, so our advice is save up that extra £200 and get the new aluminium version instead. And if you're still undecided, take a look at it in our hands–on video.