Apple unveils snail mail Cards app

Special day coming up? Apple wants things to get personal

Apple has unveiled an in-house app called Cards which allows users to design cards for all sorts of occasions on their iDevice. Once your labour of love is completed, Apple will take care of all – and we mean all – the rest. The kind-hearted folks at Cupertino will not only print and emboss your cards for you but will also go to the trouble of personally mailing your sentiments and well-wishes themselves.

US users will have the extra benefit of barcode tracking and push notifications once their cards have been delivered. Although there’s no word on UK pricing or availability as of yet, we do know that the app is slated for iOS 5’s October 12th release. Prices have been stated as US$3 for internal mail and US$5 for international mail.

Out of all the rumours and speculation surrounding the iPhone event, this is certainly an unexpected and bizarre surprise and definitely not one that we saw coming.


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