Apple TV stocks running out as update draws near

Cupertino clears the decks for the A5X-packing, 1080p-streaming Apple TV refresh

Okay, a new Apple TV might not be quite as exciting as the thought of the iPad 3, or iPad HD as it might be named – but rumours of an Apple TV refresh could be verified as soon as tomorrow’s Apple launch event.

Retailers are all running out of Apple TV boxes and Apple has begun sliding back shipping estimates for the device, according to AppleInsider.

There have been rumours that an Apple TV successor will arrive on March 7th packing the A5X processor – an updated faster version of the dual-core A5 chip. That processing grunt should finally allow the Apple TV to stream 1080p video.

So will you be saving a few extra pounds for your Apple TV on top of your iPad 3 – or are you holding out for the fabled Apple iTV we’ve been hearing so much about? Let us know on Twitter.

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