Apple TV with Siri could be coming sooner than you thought

A new OLED has just been developed without glass, meaning cheaper plastic screens are incoming

News of Apple TV with Siri voice controls is exciting, but the rumour mill is more of a downer, with talk of a 2013 release. That may soon change, though. A recent discovery has led to an OLED screen made with plastic – pulling down the developmental costs drastically. Since cost was the main thing holding Apple back from releasing an Apple TV set, it's possible that – were Cupertino to adopt the technology – we could see the voice-controlled TV as soon as late 2012.

The new technology uses a 50-100 nanometre thick piece of tantalium oxide which, when spread over plastic, creates the highest performing OLED yet, without the need for glass. It could, say its creators, help in the development of bendy screens – something which Apple rival Samsung is pressing ahead with.

Expect to see this mass-produced as soon as late 2012 – in the Apple TV, we hope. Take a look at this sciency picture for a closer look at the inner workings of the plastic OLED.

[Source: tgdaily]

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