Apple TV to feature live streaming, iPad-style interface and social media

Soon the days of TV guides will be gone as your shows will be ready and waiting for when you want them

The next version of Apple TV will feature live streaming, an iPad-style interface, and social media, according to the Wall Street Journal.

We’ve already reported on Apple being in talks with cable providers to offer a more unique television service, and this follow-up report has revealed more details.

The distinction between live and on demand TV will be erased as all shows are stored. But possibly more important is that social integration will be a key factor allowing you to access Twitter, Facebook and the like while watching TV. Although with everyone watching shows at different times this seems a little less necessary than it is now.

Finally the whole package will be brought together in a beautiful iPad-style interface with icons for services and channels. It's reasonable to assume that the Apple TV's new interface is something of a test run for the Apple iTV – the 50in super hi-res display that Cupertino's reputedly beavering away at.