Apple turns its back on SIM

iPhones of the future could be (literally) SIM-free as Apple looks to ditch the aging mobile card

In our gadget Utopia, everything gets along. Each gadget uses the same ports and power cables, identical storage formats are handed to each device as it leaves the factory and the air is filled with the flurry of wireless cross-compatibility. Yet in our far-from-perfect world, this is not the case. Even USB cable ends have fragmented. The only truly universal standard we’ve got is the humble SIM card. Okay, it’s had a shave and become Micro SIM, but apart from that, the format remains intact. Time for a change? Apple thinks so, and is rumoured to be thinking about shapeshifting to a new format, possibly a proprietary card that would only work in its iPhones and iPads. It’s submitted a proposal to European standards organisation ETSI and could be planning its first non-SIM phone next year. Utopia once again drifts out of sight…

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