Apple touchscreen tablet will battle the Amazon Kindle by September

Apple's much whispered about tablet could be with us by September, according to reports from the Financial Times. The pink paper claims Apple is racin

The pink paper claims Apple is racing to get a tablet-sized computer in the shops for the Christmas shopping season.

It suggests that the Apple tablet will have a 10in touchscreen, run the iPhone OS and feature WiFi rather than 3G as we're hoping.

The FT also suggests that Apple's in talks with publishers to make the Tablet an ebook reader to rival Amazon's Kindle. Sounds like something we've mentioned before.

The article also suggest the new device will launch at the same time as a new content deal between Apple and labels including EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Group.

The project, codenamed "Cocktail", will bundle albums with new interactive booklets, sleeve notes and other features with music downloads.

Apple's plan is to encourage iTunes users to buy more CD-length music rather than simply snacking on single tracks.

The "Cocktail" project albums will include photos, lyric sheers and liner notes with users being able to play songs directly from the interactive booklet.

Liner notes and lyric sheets you say? Sounds like an old-fashioned vinyl record to us. How modern.

Does the Apple tablet sound tempting to you? And will extras make you download full albums from iTunes? Comment below.