Apple touchscreen netbook in line for summer release?

With talk of the 3rd gen iPhone dying down to a whisper in recent weeks and the new Mac Mini out in the wild, the Cupertino–loving rumour mill h

According to Digitimes, Taiwanese display maker Wintek has confirmed it's working on touchscreens for new Apple products, with one of these headed for a netbook during the summer.

Reports go on to suggest Quanta Computer will be building the machine for Apple. Exact sizes and specs are unsurprisingly unavailable, although the chances are this will come lacking an optical drive and obviously come packing multitouch.

Apple has previously proved reticent when it comes to cheap laptops, despite admitting to having 'some interesting ideas in that area'. For our money this will be more in line with the pricey Sony Vaio P series than the Acer Aspire One.

What do you think? Is an Apple netbook really on the way? Let us know in the comments section now.


Apple touchscreen netbook

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