Apple TestFlight gets you early access to iOS app betas

It's win-win: you get introduced to new apps and devs get to test their apps before going live
TestFlight gets you in on new iOS app betas

If you like the idea of testing apps before they're released, then Apple's new TestFlight Beta program might be for you. What's involved? You sign up, download an app and you're in line to help test and review other apps on the App Store. Pretty simple, huh?

Third-party developers can invite up to 1,000 people to beta test – an tenfold increase on Apple's originally-announced plan of just 100 testers.

TestFlight gets you in on new iOS app betas

What happens is that a developer sends out invitations, users then download the app via iTunes Connect and then download TestFlight. iOS 8 also helps notify users when the latest builds of beta apps are available, which is pretty handy compared to waiting for developer emails.

As for updates, they're going to take a little longer due to Apple needing to vet the apps via its Beta App Review. Still, having the Big A run the rule over apps first isn't necessarily a bad thing – it reduces the likelihood of pre-release software messing up your iPhone or iPad. One of the pitfalls of Google Play is its reliance on peer review, meaning it's all too easy for malware and shady apps to sneak into the app marketplace.

The TestFlight Beta app is free on the App Store but it would be a good idea to get the lowdown on the program at the official page first.

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[Source: Maclife]