Apple Television will launch this summer – and five other things we’ve just learned about the new Apple TV

Stuff’s just been on a secret trip to California – and we’ve come back with some juicy morsels about Apple’s long-awaited TV project

Apple Television will launch in June or July this year. And that, according to Californian tech industry insiders, is a certainty. Apparently the product’s long gestation hasn’t stemmed from development hell – rather it’s been held up by video licensing issues as film and TV producers try to ensure they don’t follow the music industry into the digital ditch.

We’re also told there will only be one size of Apple Television at launch (probably 40-42in) and that it will carry a premium price to match its premium design. One source (who like most people associated with Apple doesn’t want to be named) stated there was “no chance” of Apple selling its new TV screen as a loss leader and trusting the profits to its iTunes Store.

But Apple won’t be going in for 3D or 4K (Ultra HD). In fact, it plans to use the lack of films and TV shows natively available for either format to its advantage – and undercut the top tier TVs from Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG on price in the process. Instead it will focus on intuitive user interaction and its baffling selection of apps, shows and films to download or stream to get its first foot on to the TV ladder.

Almost nobody would comment more than speculatively on the design of the Apple Television – we’ll probably have to wait for a Taiwanese leak for that – but some industry insiders are suggesting the superthin iMac Apple introduced in 2012 might hold more than a few clues.

So bring on summer – we can’t wait to see if Apple can do for TV what it’s already done for music, telephony and computing.

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