Apple television to have Siri and FaceTime

It looks like chatting face to face will be as easy as watching TV once Apple gets its TV out there

Apple iTV, or the Apple television as it may be known, could be coming with Siri and FaceTime.

A source of Cult of Mac claims to have seen a prototype Apple iTV and can report it was sporting an iSight camera and looked very much like Apple LED-backlit Cinema Display but larger.

We’re taking these claims with a pinch of salt as the source is unnamed, and even if valid, it was only an early stage prototype seen. However the claims of Apple iTV having Siri and a camera for FaceTime seem highly plausible. The only part we’re not sure of is our mate's faces popping up on the screen on a call when we’re trying to kill some dragons or study Don Draper’s latest drink holding technique.

For the full list of features check out our Apple iTV rumour round-up. Here’s hoping that 2013 date that’s floating around is wrong and we can see Apple’s potentially game-changing TV sooner than expected.

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