Apple takes over "TabletMac" trademark

Apple has become the owner of the TabletMac trademark, first registered by Axiotron a few years ago, giving more hints that Cupertino has a tablet-sha

The TabletMac was released in 2007, and was a modded version of a MacBook, converted in to a tablet by removing the keyboard and replacing the screen with a Wacom pen-based one instead.

However it seems at some point over the past year, the trademark has been transferred to Apple's name.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we can expect the rumoured Apple tablet to be called the TabletMac – in fact we’d guess probably it won’t be – but it does clear the path against any confusion with a similar product from Apple in the future.

Of course, the rumour mill continues churning out the Apple Tablet rumours, and we’ll keep you up to date with anything that happens – both officially and unofficially – so keep it locked to for the latest.

Via: MacRumours