Apple Store employees to help fix Maps errors

Apple to use retail stores' local know-how to correct its iOS 6 Maps app

Apple's iOS 6 Maps app has generated its fair share of column inches, with many users reporting errors and omissions in its mapping data. Following Apple CEO Tim Cook's apology for the app's failings, Apple is working hard to rectify the situation – and it's planning to use local know-how.

Specifically, that of its Apple Store employees. According to MacRumours, Apple retail store will dedicate 40 hours a week – split amongst their employees – to manually pore over Apple's maps in their areas and correct errors. The Genius Bar teams aren't being press-ganged, though – ifoapplestore reports that "So far it's voluntary: Apple retail store managers are asking store employees to report iOS 6 Maps app errors to help improve the database."

Apple is also reportedly hiring ex-Google employees to work on its Maps app – further evidence, if it were needed, that Cupertino's rattled by Maps' reception.

[MacRumours via CNet]

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