Apple Store down – £500 MacBook incoming?

Oh well guess what folks? The Apple Store is down. And we know what that usually means – there's new products a'coming.As for what they'll be, i

As for what they'll be, it remains unknown – but we did hear earlier today that pundit John Gruber had pinned his bets on new, cheaper MacBooks, thinner iMacs, bumped up Mac Minis and some multitouch accessories including a desktop trackpad and "Magic Mouse".

Truth is we could see some or none of this – there may just be small tweaks to specs, but we're really pinning our hopes of at least seeing the £500 MacBook we've heard whispers of.

Of course Apple denied news of any event or announcements when we got in contact with them earlier today, but we know that doesn't mean we won't see anything – nor does it mean we will.

The store goes down for routine maintenance every now and then as well, so there could be a whole lot of excitement for nothing... but we reckon Jobs has got something up his sleeve for today.

We'll be keeping our peepers firmly stuck on the Apple Store for all the news as soon as it's back up. Let us know what you want from Apple below.