Apple Store is down – new goodies incoming?

The famous Post-it note makes an appearance in the virtual window of Apple's online store. What gives?

UPDATE: the Apple Store is back online, and there are NO new iPods, there's STILL an iPod Classic (phew!) and there's definitely no iPhone 5 (unless it's hiding very carefully). Sorry, false alarm this time. Everyone relax.

We daren't say iPhone 5, but we did initially predict it would have launched by now. Alas, even with the recent departure of CEO Steve Jobs, it's hard to imagine Apple launching a new iteration of its headline product so stealthily. More likely, Apple will refresh its iPod line-up (traditionally a September affair) and hold off launching its new blower until later in the month, with a view to releasing it in early October. Perhaps it'll finally kill off the iPod Classic (please don't, Apple)? We should know soon enough... keep hitting the refresh button.

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