Apple Store ‘Black Friday’ discount round-up

Thanksgiving's over in the States. You missed it? Not to worry because look what Apple's serving up for dessert - it's annual Black Friday sale.Yes, t

Yes, today's the day that Americans like hit the mall, with every retailer worth its salt piling on the discounts. This year Apple, bless it, is letting us Brits in on the savings. So here's a run down of what you can bag.

For the biggest savings you'll want to be heading straight to the iMac and MacBook Pro aisles. You can pick up a Pro today for £828, down from £899, saving £71. And Apple's been equally generous with its £949 iMac which'll now set you back £878.

The iPod nano gets a modest £7 off at £108 for 8GB or £128 for 16GB. The iPod touch 64GB has had a not-to-be-sniffed at £31 lopped off the price tag bringing it down to £268. The 32GB touch is discounted by £21 at £208, while the 8GB will now cost you just £138 with its £11 reduction.

Small items get the biggest percentage cuts. There's 29% off the Nike + iPod Sensor, now £9.99, or a whopping 36% off iWork, which now scans the tills at £44.

There are plenty more discounts knocking about so have a rummage. And remember kids - there's free shipping on even small items in the sale. Stocking fillers ahoy!