Apple Snow Leopard update kills off netbook support

Apple is preparing to release update 10.6.2 for its Snow Leopard OS, which will apparently disable support for the Intel Atom processor popular with i

OS X Daily claims that the move is to prevent “Hackintosh” users being able to get the Mac experience on a far cheaper machine.

It’s also suspected that Apple may be wanting to phase anything out that may come in to competition with its Apple Tablet, expected to launch next year.

Originally it was thought the Tablet would run on the popular Intel chipset, but Apple ditched the idea to build its own ARM-based processors instead – the company responsible for many of the processors we see in smartphones and other internet tablet devices on the market.

Of course this is not the first time we’ve seen Apple fiercely defending its software from unauthorised installs – it has even been known to take the matter to the courts, as it did with company Psystar over its $50 software hack. The case is still ongoing.

Any netbook user running Snow Leopard is being advised to stick to version 10.6.1 until a workaround is sorted by the Hackintosh community – something OS X Daily doesn’t expect will take too long.

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Via: Apple Insider