Apple Snow Leopard update confirms netbooks are not welcome

Apple has released the final version of its 10.6.2 Snow Leopard update, and the fears of Hackintosh users have been realised – Atom support is o

We had heard rumours that Apple was planning to block out Atom processor support, preventing users running the OS on inexpensive netbooks, and despite an early release looking positive, it now seems it’s definitely been cut.

Although there’s no where in the release notes that suggests the drop in support, users who have tried to boot up the update on their netbooks have been reporting they have been unable to do so.

The security updates and stability bug fixes that come with the update are certainly worth having, but if you currently enjoy running your netbook on Snow Leopard, one message is clear – you’re going to have to avoid the update.

You can read the in depth release notes on the Apple site, but let us know what you think to Apple cutting netbooks out below.

Via: Engadget