Apple reveals new Thunderbolt accessories at WWDC 2012

Fancy putting that Thunderbolt port of yours to good use? Apple's newly announced adaptors should sort you out nicely

A pair of adaptors might not be the most exciting bit of tech news to have come out of WWDC 2012 (we're looking at you all-new retina display-toting MacBook Pro), but it's still good news for those of you packing a Thunderbolt port or two.

The accessories in question are a Thunderbolt to Firewire 700 adaptor, and a Firewire to Ethernet adaptor. Although there's no word on pricing or release information at this stage, we'd expect them to be available from today, given that the refreshed MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and brand-spanking new MacBook Pro range will all be shipping from today, in the US at least.

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