Apple readying iTunes integrated TV?

Ok, gadget fans, time to forget all that talk of a slick new iPhone for a minute. Because Apple lovers are now turning their attention to plans for an

It's not the first time we've heard about such a device, but now the rumour has gained more credibility, with analyst Gene Munster suggesting a DVR–packing telly, with similar styling to Apple's LED monitor, could be heading our way in 2011.

According to, the device would allow you to sync TV shows wirelessly with your Mac, iPhone or iPod, taking whatever you'd recorded either off regular TV or downloaded from the iTunes store.

For now, it remains a pipe dream. But seeing as Apple TV is resurgent after initial distaste, it's fair to presume Apple will want to start pushing in this direction in the not too distant future. Why else start flogging HD TV shows and trying to own movies and telly in the same way they do music?

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