Apple prepping RFID support for next iPhone?

So the Apple 3G S has been out long enough to start up the rumours about the fourth generation handset, and whispers are coming through that Apple is

Otherwise known as a radio-frequency identification chip, the details have come from an apparently "highly reliable source" who has said they have seen a RFID-packing iPhone prototype in action.

It's certainly not impossible. Apple has filed a number of patents related to RFID, technology that allows devices to interact over short ranges without coming in to contact.

RFID can be used to store credit card details for contactless card payments, and it could be that in the future you'll just have to bring your iPhone close to your MacBook to have it automatically link to sync iTunes.

What do you think – will Apple implement the RFID technology in the next iPhone? Spout off your thoughts in the comments.

Via: 9 to 5 Mac