Apple prepping new mac Mini for Macworld?

We've already heard plenty of gossip about a new Mac Mini being given the official thumbs up at Macworld in January. But now the voices are starting t

Uncovered by Wired over in the US, the new Mac Mini will purportedly come in two editions, both rocking the aluminium unibody enclosure found in the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

Inside this sturdy new frame, the budget, $500 model, which will doubtless cost £400 here in the UK, will pack 2GB of RAM expandable to 4GB, a 2.0Ghz processor and a plentiful 160GB HDD.

The specced up model will rock a 2.3Ghz processor and the same Nvidia graphics that Steve Jobs spent ages banging on about when he showed off the new Apple notebooks. This will push the price up to $700 in the US, about £600 in Blighty.

It seems a dead cert now that we'll see a beefed up Mac Mini at Macworld. But will Apple try and claw back some sales by unleashing their own netbook too? Let us know what you think in the comments section.