Apple Podcasts app is available to download now

Podcasts roam free from the iTunes world with their own dedicated iOS app so you'll never miss a listen again

Podcasts have been biding their time in the 'More' section of iTunes for a while now. Hidden away, millions of people still made the slog over there but Apple's decided enough is enough and given these bite-sized internet radio chunks a playground of their own.

The new universal Podcasts app needs iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhones from the 3G S (aka the phone that won't die) onwards as well as iPod Touch 4th generation onwards and all three versions of the iPad.

The idea is to find and subscribe to audo and video podcasts easily using the app. Apple will curate the best podcasts by topic for you with the new Top Stations feature – otherwise you can trawl through the Catalog yourself to make your selection. The UI also has playback controls that are more than reminiscent of retro cassette decks.

We reckon this is a smart move by Apple to make sure people don't forget about podcasts when faced with fresh music and shiny apps to buy. Download the official Podcasts app now from the App Store and prove us right.

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