Apple plotting iPhone price cut?

With the BlackBerry Storm coming in free if you pony up £35 a month, Apple has got some big thinking to do before Christmas. And across the Chan

According to Apple Insider, the deal is set to run from tomorrow until the middle of January. We've also heard talk that O2 is working on plans to negotiate on iPhone deals, something that's currently forbidden in their deal with Apple.

The chances are O2 will follow that up with a price cut for Christmas. With everyone skint and the competition at last starting to get fierce, they need to get more punters signing up. And knocking the cost down to say, £75, would be a good place to start.

As ever, we're keeping our ears to the ground, so keep it locked for any news as we get it. For more on the iPhone 3G, make sure you check out our hands–on video.


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