Is Apple planning an iPad-MacBook hybrid?

Unearthed patent points to a Transformer Prime-style MacBook/iPad combo

Following the launch of Apple's new iPad, Patently Apple has unearthed a patent that points towards plans for a Transformer Prime-style iPad that combines a tablet and a keyboard dock.

Intel is already planning to unseat Apple in 2013 with its Haswell Ultrabook – “a tablet when you want it and a PC when you need it” – using Windows 8 and Windows Metro operating systems for a perfect laptop-tablet synergy.

We can’t see Apple taking that sitting down. Which is why Apple’s patent for computers has been changed to include, “touchscreens, tablet computers, and electronic notepads.” Rumours of an iPad Air have already done the rounds, and with a new line of MacBooks due soon it looks like excitement over Apple's products will show no sign of abating in the near future.

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