Apple to pay out US$2.25 million to settle misleading iPad 4G claim in Australia

The Cupertino tech giant looks set to cut a hefty cheque down under over the use of the 4g moniker in its latest iPad

Apple is set to pay out US$2.25 million to settle claims that its use of '4G' in the new iPad 3's initial launch was misleading to Australian Appleites as a result it being incompatible with the country's 4G networks.

This news comes after Apple changed the naming system to iPad Wi-Fi and Cellular, as well as offering refunds to consumers who felt hard done by.

The payment still needs a judge's gavel to come down on Wednesday to make things official,  so we'll keep an ear to the ground for more details as and when we get them.

[The Australian, via Engadget]

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