Apple patents hint at future iPhone plans

It has been said in the Stuff office that as lovely as the iPhone 3G S is, it does somehow feel like a bit of a stop gap before something better. And

Less than a month after the iPhone 3G S was released, a host of patents have cropped up including Apple's ideas for object and face recognition, text message filtering to censor out swear words, a crazy voice changing feature and a smarter message interface.

The latter would see the iPhone returning text messages to you that weren't delivered to the recipient, and also alerting you to unread messages and emails from a contact before you make a call to them. Clever stuff.

Of course, patents are just hints at what Apple is considering, not what we can definitely expect – but it's always nice to get a little insight into what future incarnations of the beloved iPhone could include.

Let us know what you think to this patents in the comments, and if you haven't already, make sure you check out our hands on video with the iPhone 3G S and full review.

Via: Unwired View