Apple to overhaul App Store search with Chomp

Apple takes a bite out of the Chomp app, letting you search the App Store by topic and function

Apple has bought up super sophisticated search app Chomp in order to revamp its App Store search function, according to Techcrunch.

Chomp has gained massive popularity since it was launched on the iPhone back in early 2010. Unlike Apple's search, Chomp learns the functions and subject of an app, not just its name.

Ever hunted for an app that you know exists, but you can't track down because you've forgotten what it's called? Chomp can figure it out. Once Chomp becomes fully integrated with the Apple App Store, expect searching for an app by function to become a lot easier.

Chomp fans fearing the loveable company will change now it's part of the big fruit shop can relax. Apple is keeping all 20 employees on staff, so it looks like Chomp towers will remain intact.

The buyout may be a worry to Android fans, though: there's an Android version of Chomp, and there's no word as yet on its future now that Apple is running the show.

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