Apple orders 10million 3G iPhones, claims analyst

The long wait for a 3G-enabled Apple iPhone may soon be over, according to Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney. Dulaney told the iPod Observer that he belie

Dulaney told the iPod Observer that he believes Apple has ordered 10m 3G iPhones in order to meet the European demands for a speedier connection.

The new 3G iPhone may also feature an OLED screen instead of LCD, which should help arrest the inevitable decline in battery life that comes with the move from GPRS/EDGE to 3G. Let's hope it has a better camera, too.

Dulaney doesn't name a date for the 3G launch, but others have speculated that a late June launch is a possibility - a year after the original launch date.

I'm not so sure - the iPhone didn't arrive in Europe until November 9th, so I'd put my money on a UK launch close to Christmas 2008.

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