Apple - no new iMac before Christmas

Apple isn't usually a fan of slapping down a rumour in its prime. But that's exactly what's happened when it comes to yesterday's tittle tattle about

Basically, that means Jobs and the boys don't want to let any gossip hinder the sales of their new machines, or old ones for that matter. So if you're after a bumped-up iMac or the rejigged Mini, you'd do well to wait until MacWorld kicks off in January over in San Francisco.

Talk had suggested that the iMac might get a faster processor and more memory, with a proper design for the Mini and possibly the introduction for a souped up Mac Pro for those totally unaffected by the mighty credit crunch.

We'll be over at MacWorld bringing you all the hottest Apple news as it happens. Sate your appetite in the meantime though with our hands-on video of the spanking new MacBook.