Apple netbook coming in October?

Rumours have been swirling for some months about the chances of an Apple netbook, but now reports from Taiwan suggest we could finally see one as soon

Three different companies have apparently received orders from Apple to make parts for the netbook Jobs spoke out against last year. However, he also once said iPod would never do video, so go figure.

The October date would certainly make sense. Apple usually holds its news conference for new products around then – last year for example it outed new and updated Macbooks, and rumours for this year already include new iPod touch models.

As for the netbook though, it's thought to have a 9.7-inch touchscreen and will be aimed at a higher end market than other netbooks with a price tag of around $800. This is thought to be to avoid any direct competition with netbook giants Acer and Asus.

Interestingly The China Times is noting that many are describing the new netbook as a "tablet" which leaves us wondering if we'll be getting a standard netbook with full keyboard and swivel screen, or rather a full touchscreen tablet.

We'll have to wait and see what comes out between now and October to see if there's any truth behind this, but of course we'll be keeping you in the loop with anything we hear.

Via: MacRumours