Apple may have Macs with retina displays in the pipeline

A retina display iMac? Our eyes are already drooling at the potential ppi overload...

A number of tweets have popped up on the twittersphere following a (now pulled) Mac OS X 10.7.3 update which has lead one Apple writer, John Gruber (via Gizmodo) to believe that retina display Macs are in the pipeline.

The most promising tweet is that of a pointing finger icon which has been redrawn for higher resolution displays, although we remain fans of the old school charm of pixelated icons ourselves.

Some Mac Minis have also been reported to boot into HiDPI mode at a resolution of 960x540, also suggesting compatibility for higher definition, retina Apple displays.

Although we’re taking all of this with a bucket of salt, we’re still salivating at the thought of a retina Apple Thunderbolt display with the high dpi of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Please Apple, let the rumours be true…

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