Apple makes plans for Death Star HQ

Good enough for Vader, good enough for Jobs. The Google Jedi will be watching closely

Apple design is world famous. Its Macs and iPods, iPhones and iPads – sketched by the hand of Essex-born Jonathan Ive – are instantly recognisable. Lately, it has designed temples in which the Apple fan can worship (and indeed buy) these wares: Apple Stores.

Now the Cupertino-based company, currently residing at 1, Infinite Loop, has turned its architect’s pen on a new headquarters. And even Steve Jobs admits it looks like something from outer space. Could it be that Apple is already planning to launch away from this planet and start building its galactic empire? Just when we thought Samsung had that contract sewn up.

Steve Jobs this week presented plans to Cupertino’s planning board. The overlong video of the dull proceedings can be found below.


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