Apple MacBooks to feature double resolution Retina Display

OS X Mountain Lion has leaked a secret in its code that should make the next generation of MacBooks very exciting indeed

Apple's new line of MacBooks – already hinted as being an evolutionary leap – looks set to come packing Retina Displays with double the current resolution. The not-so-secret was leaked by the clever gents at MacRumours who managed to spot an @2x option in the OS X Mountain Lion code.

The last time @2x option appeared was in iOS code – just before the iPhone 4 came out swinging with the first Retina Display. It was put in the code so that graphics could be scaled to double for those eye-slicing edges that made it such a big seller.

Now that the same option has been found in Apple’s latest feline OS, it’s more than likely the rumours of a new MacBook line-up will indeed feature a big jump forward – certainly in terms of screen resolution.

With 9.7in Retina Displays being developed for the iPad 3, and OS X Mountain Lion’s ability to synergise computer and iOS platforms, it seems likely a unified display resolution will be needed. We’re happy that resolution looks to be in the eye-watering 236ppi region of clarity.

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