Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini announcement imminent? Apple says "nope"

It seems a lot of those Apple rumours we've been hearing over the past few months could come to fruition later today.Ok, so we're not expecting to see

Ok, so we're not expecting to see the elusive tablet show its face, but two pundits have now come out saying that Apple is planning a launch today, with John Gruber listing announcements he's got wind of including new iMacs and cheaper MacBooks, bumped up Mac Minis, a new multitouch "Magic Mouse" and even a multitouch desktop trackpad accessory.

We've heard a great deal of this before, but whether we'll actually see it today remains to be seen. We're hearing whispers that Apple will actually launch its new products tomorrow morning Stateside, meaning we could get wind of them sometime tomorrow afternoon.

We've been in contact with Apple to see if there was any comment to the rumoured announcement. We were first told we "hadn't missed any Apple announcements", and when pressed on if there was any news on events today or tomorrow, we got the simple reply: "Nope".

Of course, we'll be keeping you updated with anything we hear – in the meantime be sure to let us know what announcements you'd like to hear from Apple below.

Via: Engadget