Apple MacBook Air lands at Macworld

Phew! We were expecting a riot to break out in the conference room for a moment there. Three of four topics down and all we had was an Airport Extreme

But then, finally, Steve got to the MacBook Air. The world's thinnest laptop – just 19mm at its thickest – it sports an all-aluminium case with a surprisingly generous 13.3in widescreen and... and... a multi-touch keypad. Hallelujah!

Yup, we can pinch-zoom and pivot to rotate 'til the cows come home with this thing. It also receives an optional 64GB solid state drive, or a conventional 80GB one plus a hearty 2GB memory and a 1.6Ghz or 1.8Ghz Core 2 Duo processor.

It does get a full size keyboard but only one USB port and no optical drive. "How do you load up that new software?" we hear you ask. Simple – with a $100 external drive or, more cunningly, by hooking up and borrowing another Mac's. Nifty.


Apple MacBook Air

Price: from £1,200

On sale: TBA (January 29 in US)