Apple Mac Tablet killed twice by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' legendary eye for detail has led to two Apple Mac Tablet designs being scrapped. According to the Wall Street Journal, Jobs just wasn't ha

The first Apple Mac Tablet was binned because of poor battery life while the second attempt was killed due to a lack of memory.

Since his return from medical leave, Jobs has apparently been hyper-hands-on with the tablet project. The move is reported to have not gone down too well with employees who've grown used to more freedom in his absence.

Excitingly Jobs has replied to the Wall Street Journal's speculation. Less thrillingly, his response numbers a curt 6 words: "Much of your information is incorrect." Hang on though, just "much" of it. That's daring close to confirming the existence of the Apple Mac Tablet. But maybe that's just wishful thinking.

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(via WSJ)