Apple Mac Tablet coming 19 January?

More details have cropped up surrounding the mysterious Mac Tablet, including a launch date for mid-January next year.An apparently reliable source to

An apparently reliable source told iLounge that the Tablet will be announced on 19 January 2010 with a 10.7-inch screen, after a prototype with a 7-inch screen was deemed to be too small.

It will then start selling in May or June, after a period of iPhone-esque hype.

Other details from the source say the tablet will run the iPhone OS and will be available in two versions, one with 3G capabilities, and the other without.

The rumours that it looks like a blown up iPhone are also said to be true, complete with the curved back.

Whether all of this turns out to be true of course remains to be seen, but the rumours aren’t quite matching up at the moment. A few weeks ago we heard 9.7-inch screen whispers from Taiwan, and a launch date of February.

So which to believe? Let us know what you think to all the rumours below and be sure to check out the ten things we'd like to see from the Mac Tablet.