Apple Mac Tablet – 13" and 15" sizes in development too?

So the Apple Mac tablet has more or less been confirmed by Jobs, and the rumours are still coming thick and fast – the latest that we can e

Gizmodo got the news from a source, who it says has always been "100% reliable", that the two other sized touchscreen prototypes had been spotted in a factory in China.

The source did admit they weren't sure if the models had been built for demonstration purposes, or were actually preproduction units, but they did mention one of them was running Mac OS X 10.5.

As with all the rumours, it remains to be seen if any of this actually comes through, but with all the whispers mainly surrounding the 10-inch model this is interesting to say the least.

What do you think to bigger versions of the tablet - is it necessary? Which would you go for? Let us know below.