Apple Mac Tablet – 10 things we'd like to see

The rumours of an Apple Macbook Tablet are ramping up so much it seems almost certain we'll see one in September. There are even clues about it in the

The rumours of an Apple Macbook Tablet are ramping up so much it seems almost certain we'll see one in September. There are even clues about it in the iPhone OS 3.1 update. We'll probably buy one but here are our demands Steve Jobs…

1. Decent battery life

The original iPhone was practically a digital mayfly – fiddle with it for more than a few minutes and you were soon running low on juice. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are not blessed with long battery life either.

The Apple Mac Tablet should take its clues from the 13in Macbook Pro which combines a glorious screen with good battery life. But it shouldn't follow its lead with a non-removable battery. We don't want to have to send our Tablet back to the factory if the battery bites the dust.

2. Better speakers

iPhones have irritatingly feeble speakers, cover them with your hands and they're drowned out entirely. Macbooks are marginally better but they sound tinnier than a punch-up between C3PO and Twiki from Buck Rodgers.

If the Apple Mac Tablet is going to be a truly delicious multi-tasking, media playing piece of future tech it needs speakers that'll make our movies and music sound great.

3. Killer content

iTunes has millions of songs and the App Store is stuffed with stuff that still makes our eyes bug out with excitement but the Apple Mac Tablet needs something more. Rumours of a joint project called Cocktail mixed up Apple and the record companies could point to just that.

Cocktail could see Apple creating a new type of interactive album combining photos, lyric sheets, video and liner notes. Making the album a cohesive thing again is a great idea but it still hinges on musicians actually making records with enough good songs on them to be worth buying.

The Apple Mac Tablet's launch also needs to coincide with Apple making movies on the iTunes store easier to find and search through. We won't stuff our Tablets with flicks and tunes unless it's easy to and worth the cash.

4. Dedicated apps and a better store to buy them

As much as we like apps on our iPhones, porting them to a 9in or 10in screen won't  always be a perfect fit. The Apple Mac Tablet needs apps of its own and easy way to find them.

The iTunes App Store needs a spring clean in time for the Apple Mac Tablet's launch. So Steve: bin some of the bobbins apps and bring in a new way of searching that makes it simpler to find the apps we want.

5 Wireless syncing with your Mac, PC and Apple TV

For the Apple Mac Tablet to be at the heart of our home media set up, it needs to be able to grab all the music, movies and other glorious data on our computers and Apple TV. Make it a hub for every bit of entertainment in our homes and we'll never put it down.

Since over-the-air downloading is already in place for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS we'd like that too. And if you can add an always-on data connection (like the Amazon Kindle's) that'd be grand.

6 Affordable pricing   

Now, this probably seems like we want the moon on a stick but we'd like this tablet temptress to come at an affordable price. Ideally, somewhere in the middle ground between the top-end iPhone 3GS and the Macbook Pro 13in.


We want the Apple Mac Tablet to be location aware so GPS is vital. It'll help with…

8 Augmented reality

We know that augmented reality apps are going to be supported by iPhone OS 3.1 and giving them a place on the Apple Mac Tablet would be a killer feature.

9 A smudge resistant screen

On a hot day, our iPhone screens end up looking greasier than the kebab special from Big Tony's. With a larger touchscreen, smears and smudges are going to be seriously frustrating with your movies blocked out by mess. The Apple Mac Tablet needs a smudge and scratch-proof coating to stop us from having to wield a cloth every 10 minutes.

10 A partnership with Amazon for ebooks  

Amazon has the Kindle but has made it clear in the past that it'll work with other manufacturers to spread the ebook love. There's already a Kindle iPhone app.

Apple could deliver a knock-out blow to the other ebook readers by combining music, films and ebooks in one single device. The device should also allow us to subscribe to our favourite mags (like Stuff) and newspapers too.

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