Apple Mac Mini 2011 unboxed

It’s remarkably similar to its predecessor, but we still couldn’t resist getting the new Mac Mini naked on camera

Among the clatter of announcements from Apple yesterday, there was one distinctive thud. It was, of course, the sound only made by a freshly dropped ingot of Mac Mini, seen here fully clothed.

Tear off the box (or gently coax it, if you prefer) and you’re presented with the… Mac Mini. Undistinguishable from its predecessor it may be, but we assure you this is the 2011 edition. In fact, we have proof.

See that thunderbolt icon on the back? That’ll be the Thunderbolt port (ideal for wiring up your new Mac to a £900 compatible monitor, perhaps?). Also, the proof we haven’t just reshot last summer’s Mac Mini.

And here are the Thunderbolt port’s neighbours. Left to right: power, Ethernet, FireWire, HDMI, [Thunderbolt], USB 2.0 x 4, SD and a pair of audio connectors (in and out).

As with the previous model, the back pops off to reveal some workings. More importantly, it lets you ramp up the system memory without getting your screwdriver dirty.

Gratuitous Mac Mini glamour shot? Oh, go on, then…


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