Apple looks to kill off iPhone jailbreaking

In what seems to be a constant battle between Apple and the iPhone hackers, Jobs et al are preparing to crank up the artillery by advertising for a se

And it needs it. Apple certainly isn't doing to well in protecting its hardware from the hackers at the moment.

Early last month it was thought the new iPhone 3G S handsets coming off the production line would be a bother to unlock. It took just two days for the iPhone Dev team to crack it, although they did admit it was a more difficult to do than previously.

Now with a jailbreak for the latest iPhone OS 3.1.2 update all figured out as well, it seems Apple has had enough.

The job listing posted was for an "iPhone OS Platform Security Manager" to oversee a team "focused on the platform security of iPhone OS" and ensuring "secure booting and installation of the OS".

If successful, this means your iPhone will be a heck of a lot tighter security-wise, but could make jailbreaking even more difficult, if not impossible in the future.

Have you got a jailbroken iPhone? Let us know how you feel about Apple's tightening of security below and check out our top 10 smartphones for iPhone alternatives.

Via: Ars Technica