Apple leaks Thunderbolt monitors as the Lion stirs

Daisy-chained Cinema Displays with Lion screenshots start appearing on Apple’s website

No accessories to plug into that new Thunderbolt port on your iMac, MacBook Pro or – soon, perhaps, MacBook Air? Fret not – Apple is on the cusp of launching a new set of of its Cinema Display monitors equipped with the lightning-fast connectivity.

Pictures uncharacteristically leaked from Apple show the monitors hooked up to a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and presumably refreshed Mac Mini with Thunderbolt. In one image the new connection, devised by Intel, shows off its daisy-chaining abilities.

All the new images show screenshots of Mac OS X Lion, which have started to be updated around Apple’s site.

The pictures, coupled with some model number forensics done by Mac Rumors, all but confirm the imminent arrival of Thunderbolt-friendly Cinema Displays and Mac OS X Lion and suggest we could be seeing a new Mac Mini with Intel’s I/O tech alongside rumours of a refreshed MacBook Air.

Who said Monday mornings were boring?


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