Apple launch liveblog – from 6pm tonight

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C announced at Apple launch event
Apple launch liveblog

The dust has settled on Apple's iPhone launch – check below for all the details.

Apple has announced a new iPhone 5S, available in white, black and gold, and packing a refreshed camera, 64-bit A7 processor and Touch ID sensor. It's also unveiled a budget iPhone 5C, which will feature a plastic build in a variety of different colours, along with further details of iOS 7.

We'll be getting hands-on with the new Apple iPhones, so stay tuned for our first impressions.


iPhone 5S – new camera, Touch ID and M7 sensor

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S

19:12 We're done, guys - stay tuned to Stuff this evening for news round-ups and hands-on reviews of the 5S and 5C.

19:11 ...or perhaps it's just the introduction of a musical guest to stage. "Please join me in welcoming our friend Elvis Costello". Now this is a surprise.

19:10 "Before we close this morning, I'd like to return to music for a moment". Ooh, maybe there is a One More Thing.

19:09 To our knowledge these are the first iPhones that Apple has endorsed the use of cases with. It's never sold cases for iPhones before. Is this tacit recognition that the iPhone 5 was scratch-prone, and that peeved a lot of users?

19:08 This feels like a wrap-up from Tim. Time for a One More Thing, Tim? No. Time for another Apple advert.

19:07 It'll be in 100 countries and on 270 carriers by the end of 2013. And that's the end.

19:06 iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S comes to the US, UK, China, Singapore and more on the 20th September – as predicted.

19:05 The iPhone 4S remains, too, in a cheapo 8GB configuration (probably free on contract).

19:05 It's US$199 for 16GB, US$299 for 32GB and US$399 for 64GB, all on a 2-year contract. And there are 5 leather cases, including a Product RED one, all at US$39.

19:03 Phil's back. We've noticed he didn't tell us what resolution the camera is. That means it's still 8MP, we'd wager.

19:03 All fingerprint info in encrypted in the A7 chip - it's never stored in Apple's servers or backed up to iCloud. Two fingers to the NSA and MI5!

19:02 'It made perfect sense to use your fingerprint as a password" says the TouchID video. Try telling that to Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen below...

19:01 The home button icon is gone forever. We'll miss you, weird not-quite-square thing.

19:00 But can it be used to assign different digits to different apps? No talk of that yet.

19:00 "Simply touch the home button to unlock your phone". Or to make iTunes purchases, as we predicted.

18:59 And yes, it is in the home button. Aroud it is a stainless steel ring, and it's covered by unscratchable sapphire crystal.

18:58 The touch ID sensor scans at 500ppi, and can scan sub-epidermal skin layers. It can SEE THROUGH YOU.

18:58 "Touch ID reads your fingerprint at an incredibly detailed level".

18:57 "The third feature is all about security". Time for the fingerprint scanner. Stop beating around the bush, Phil.

18:56 The demo photos are predictably stunning. Good luck getting them looking this good in real life.

18:54 And there's the long-rumoured slow-mo camera: 120fps footage in 720p HD.

18:53 There's a new burst mode in the camera app that takes 20 photos at a go (at 10fps). The camera then picks the one it thinks is best. Sounds a bit like Best Shot from Sony.

18:52 ...and there are 15 focus points on the sensor. Auto-image stabilisation takes multiple photos in one go and combies to create a sharper image.

18:51 There's a new flash - a white one and an amber one.

18:48 And now we're on to the camera."We have some huge advancements in technology". There's a 5-element lens, a 15%-larger sensor and an f2.2 aperture.

18:47 "What about battery life" - 10 hours 3G talk, 10 hours of LTE, 250 hours of standby, 40 hours of music.

18:46 Apparently it'll optimize the phone's behaviour based on context - walking, running, driving and more.

18:45 Phil's back: "we have a new part in the iPhone 5S called the M7 - it contnuously measures motion data without eating the CPU up" - here come some very cool new fitness apps.

18:44 "Infinity Blade 3 will be available in the App Store alongside the iPhone 5S" - so, when is that, chaps?

18:43 "I really think this represents a sea change for our industry". From here, it looks the same but a little bit better.

18:43 It took two hours to convert Infinity Blade's code to 64-bit. "We can now introduce lens flares that would make JJ Abrams proud". The game does look impressive.

18:40 "We're going to introduce the conclusion to Infinity Blade".

18:40 "What's really amazing is when you see it the first time". Donald Mustard from Epic Games is up. "I can hardly believe it's 3 years since we introduced Infinity Blade".

18:39 The A7 is up to twice as fast as the iPhone 5, 40x as fast as the original iPhone. It's twice as fast graphically as the iPhone 5's A6, and 56x as fast as the original iPhone. BLAZING.

18:37 The A7 has "desktop-class architecture", says Phil: it has over a billion transistors. iOS 7 has been re-engineered to work with 64-bit. Legacy apps will work fine, but devs can also create new apps in 64-bit.

18:36 The iPhone 5S is a huge leap forward in mobile performace.  The new A7 chip is 64-bit: the first ever 64-bit mobile phone.

18:36 There's a pair of LEDs around the back, as rumoured.

18:36 It's made of high-grade aluminium, with those chamfered edges and glass inlays. It's the iPhone 5 - except in new colours.

18:35 It's available in gold, black and silver!

18:34 Schiler's back: "The second is called iPhone 5S, perhaps the most forward thinking phone anyone has created".

iPhone 5C – 16GB for US$99, US$199 for 32GB

Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5C

18:33 iOS 7's interface will be coloured to complement the colour of your iPhone 5C. "It's the vivid realisation of hardware and software together in one device". Thanks you, Jony Ive, for speaking slowly.

18:33 It's going to be huge. With the cases, it feels like iPod Mini all over again. And that was EPIC.

18:30 "iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic". Err...

18:31 It does look pretty special. Hoping it feels more robust than the similarly unapologetically plastic phones from Samsung et al.

18:30 'The iPhone 5C is the distillation of everything that people love about the iPhone 5," says Jony Ive on video.

18:29 Starts in 16GB for US$99, or US$199 for 32GB on a two-year contract. (That's pretty cheap, everyone). The covers are US$29.

18:28 There's a new FaceTime HD camera up front with backside illumination for better low-light performnce. It supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world, apparently.

18:27 It's basically an iPhone 5 - Apple A6 chip, 4in screen, 8MP iSight camera, but with a slightly bigger battery.

18:26 "You're going to be blown away by the quality." It's made of hard-coated polycarbonate with a steel sub-frame.

18:28 There's a new FaceTime HD camera up front with backside illumination for better low-light performnce. It supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world, apparently.

18:26 ...with 7 x 5 grids of holes in the back.

18:25 There's a new line of cases too - microfibre-lined silicon ones.

18:27 It's basically an iPhone 5 - Apple A6 chip, 4in screen, 8MP iSight camera, but with a slightly bigger battery.

18:26 "You're going to be blown away by the quality." It's made of hard-coated polycarbonate with a steel sub-frame.

18:26 ...with 7 x 5 grids of holes in the back.

18:25 There's a new line of cases too - microfibre-lined silicon ones.

18:25 The entire back and sides are made from a single part, and the front is one glass multitouch surface. "You'll see how incredible the iPhone 5C and iOS 7 look together".

18:24 It's going to be very colourful. Blue, yellow, red, white and green - everything we've seen so far.

18:23 "The first one is called iPhone 5C". The 5C is made with all the technology the custiomers loved from the iPhone 5.

18:23 We know this, Tim. Here's Phil Schiller to talk iPhone 5S and 5C. We bet you!

18:22 This year, we're going to replace the iPhone 5, with not one but two new iPhones"

18:22 "In the past, when we've announced a new iPhone, we've lowered the price of the current iPhone. This year, we;re not going to do that".

18:22 "The iPhone 5 was insstantly the most-loved iPhone yet".

18:21 "Now we're going to talk iPhone. A couple of you may have been expecting this". Laughs./

18:21 "They're free with any new iOS device". With one touch you get to download them for nowt. That is a great deal - these are five of Stuff's favourite apps.

18:20 "Almost all of our customers want these apps, so we're making all five of these industry-leading apps free". Cheers and claps for that.

18:20 And now he's on to creative apps - iMovie and iPhoto. "No other platform has any apps like these".

iOS 7 coming 18 September

18:17 It's coming, for free, to recent Apple gadgets on 18 September. Bring it on.

18:17 "Downloading iOS 7 is like getting a brand-new device. So much more elegant and useful than before, but one that you already know how to use".

18:16 And here's iTunes Radio. Craig's demoing it with "awesome Canadian combo Rush." Craig, you're a stand-up guy.

18:15 The Music App is being shown off. At The Drive-In's 'Relationship of Command' is at the top. Apple, you have taste.

18:14 Now we're in the new Photos app. The Year View is very neat - like Windows' semantic zoom, but for thousands of photos. Great if you can't be bothered to organise your photos on your phone, like me.

18:13 Craig's iOS 7 notifications are talking the mickey out of his sculpted white hair: "Pick up shampoo and conditioner". That gets a few laughs.

18:13 We're hearing brand new iOS 7 ringtones. We were right, weren't we? "You may miss a call because you're dancing."

18:12 Craig's testing Siri: "What's Lady Gaga saying?" And there are her latest Tweets.

18:12 We're doing a whistlstop tour of iOS 7 now - nothing we haven't seen before. Check out all the details here.

18:11 Federighi says the Notifications pull-down is 'totally handy'.

18:10 Craig Federighi's on stage to talk up iOS 7. "We're going to witness an event unheard of in this industry. Next month, hundreds of millions of devices will get upgraded to iOS 7." We guess that means legacy iPhones and iPads won't be getting iOS 7 until October.

18:09 "Next month we'll ship the 700 millionth iOS device."

18:08 "We've been hard at work completing iOS7 - the latest version of the most advanced mobile opperating system in the world"

18:07 TC's now talking up retail. There's a new bigger Apple Store opening up in Stanford. A few claps, the odd whoop. "It's architecturally stunning".

18:04 Pause for a video of London, full of Londoners looking London-y. This video is not aimed at people who are actually from London.

18:03 Apparently 20 million people wanted to get in this year. The Americans found that funny.

18:02 He's talking up London's iTunes Festival. "This year is the best one yet". It's 30 night in a row at the Roundhouse in Camden, and it's free.

18:01 "We are really excited to show you a few things this morning that we're really proud of".

18:01 It's starting. Music's gone, people are Clapping - Tim Cook's on stage. "Welcome to Cupertino".

17:56 Apparently Al Gore's in Cupertino for this. Is Apple about to save the world?

17:55 Guess who's on the stereo now? It's Vampire Weekend, of course!

17:54 So our mid-range predictions are probably right on the money.

17:54 Futuresource Consulting reckons that the iPhone 5C won't be priced too cheaply – because Apple won't want to eat into profits for the iPhone 5S. "Apple may be unlikely to position itself in direct competition with the entry level Android smartphones sold in large volumes in China by domestic vendors such as Huawei, ZTE, Coolpad and Xiaomi, which make up over half of the Chinese market. Rather it will aim to gain share in the mid-priced section of the market."

17:37 Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO of authentication experts Encap, isn't convinced by the iPhone 5S' rumoured fingerprint sensor (which as yet is still very much a rumour, so he might just be jumping the gun a bit):

“The inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the new iPhone has been hailed by some as a game changer. This isn’t the case.

“Fingerprint sensors, and other biometric authentication methods such as eye vein scans and face recognition, may allow us to feel as though we are in a Blade Runner-like sci-fi future – but they are not on their own the best way to authenticate people. Their strength is also their biggest flaw – while a password or PIN can be changed, fingerprints are not easily switched if they are hacked. Hacking a fingerprint may sound as if it’s only possible through rather gruesome means, but it is very possible to steal fingerprints through more social methods – lifting a print from a discarded coffee cup is no more science fiction than the fingerprint scanner itself.

“The industry needs instead to move towards multi-factor authentication, where biometrics is just part of the way a user is identified. A single factor, whether it’s a PIN (something you know), a smartphone (something you have) or a fingerprint (who you are), is not enough on its own. The iPhone’s fingerprint sensor is a significant step but not a silver bullet.”

We're in!

Apple liveblog

17:34 While you're waiting for the event proper to start, check out thisrather good spoof video for the iPhone 5S. 

17:26 And we're in. Foals on the stereo. They wear shirts with similarly undersized collars to Vampire Weekend, so our music prediction was RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Hopefully our predictions on new iPhones and iPads are too.

17:21 We're already getting press releases for iPhone 5C accessories. Unless everyone's very much mistaken, we'll see the 5C tonight, and based on the Kensington cases we spotted at IFA, a new 9.7in iPad Mini-shaped iPad 5, too.

Where are we now?

Apple liveblog
Apple liveblog

16:26 We're back in Berlin after a weekend off following IFA to watch the only livestream of the Cupertino Town Hall event in the world. And, hopefully, to get our hands on everything announced.

The stream's taking place at the Kurfurstendamm Apple Store, a recently opened temple to iEverything nestled in a lovingly restored historic cinema building.

At 5:30pm we'll be making our way to the screening room, where we're expecting a barrage of Vampire Weekend and other purveyors of preppy indie pop before the action starts.

Apple keynotes at this time of year have traditionally focused on the iPod line-up, so in addition to the new iPhones and iPads it's highly likely we'll see a few new media players, too. You'll have more as we get it.

Apple Store is down

Apple launch liveblog

15:02 While you're waiting for the launch to kick off, pore over why Android has nothing to fear from the iPhone 5C.

14:32 The Apple store is down. It's almost as if it was preparing for the arrival of some thing, or some things. Fancy that eh?