Apple to launch a 'GarageBand for ebooks'

DIY iTextbooks could be announced at Apple's education event this Thursday in New York

More details are emerging on Apple's education announcement on Thursday, in which we expect to see it launch some form of iTextbook project.

The latest whisperings on the interwebs come courtesy of Ars Technica, whose source reports that Apple will announce a 'Garageband for ebooks' – in other words, an app which will let you easily let you create your own ebook or digital textbook.

If it turns out to be true, porting textbooks over on to the iPad will be a much easier process – making Apple's tablets more of a viable alternative to textbooks at last.

We'll find out this Thursday what secrets will be revealed in New York – so here's hoping for an iPad for every student. Strictly for educational purposes, of course.

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